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Why We’re Different

Exceptional Service Creating a Special Occasion

Recognizing that there are many places throughout the Triangle and surrounding area where people can hold events, Beth and David wanted to “host” events.  They knew that the experiences they would help create, as well as the farm itself needed to be something that was unique and special. And, knowing how difficult and overwhelming coordinating and planning an event can be their focus became making that experience exceptional.

This made their focus a natural fit – creating “not just an event, but an experience”.  For them this meant exceptional service that made each event effortless, smooth, easy, and enjoyable. For most people planning an event can be truly overwhelming and very stressful. At HighRock Farms it isn’t. All of the creation involves expert and very experienced team members and service providers who take the worry out of it all!

From the very start, the team members focus on all of the details.  They listen to your vision concepts, walk you through the process, and outline expectations so that everyone knows they are on the same page and there are no surprises, only an event that is beyond your wildest dreams!